Thrive Scrambled Eggs Mix – YUM!

ImageSince the world didn’t end this morning :), I decided to check out my new shipment of Thrive Scrambled Eggs for breakfast.

The instructions on the side said to use 2 tbs mix and 3 tbs water to equal one egg, so I doubled it.  Using a whisk, the mixture began to look like rich scrambled eggs before cooking.  I was impressed so far…

I heated up a pan, sprayed in a little olive oil and poured the mixture into it.  After adding a smidgen of salt & pepper, I cooked it up just like regular fresh eggs.

The result was better than good – it was delicious!  No powdered taste at all, just scrambled egg awesomeness.

Each #10 can has 107 servings – so that’s 107 eggs per can!  Add the fact that there is a 25 YEAR shelf life unopened and a 2 YEAR shelf life opened, I’m sold on this mix.Image (Not to mention storing 107 eggs is ALOT easier when it comes in a can 🙂 )

I’ve already added the #10 cans to my Q and look forward to not having to throw out expired eggs anymore!  I think I’m going to try adding some sausage crumbles, cheese & red peppers next time to make an omelet… YUM!

Keep an eye out for my review on Thrive Egg Whites, for those that are watching their cholesterol levels.

Merry Christmas to all! Blessings,


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