Great Backpacks on Sale

If you’re looking to make a Get Home Bag to keep in your car, @woot ( has some great bags on sale today.  Mine includes an extra set of weather appropriate clothing (including 2 pairs of socks, gloves for warmth & a pair of work gloves, winter hat & scarf), winter boots with rubber soles, energy bars & beef jerky, basic 1st aid kit, knife, flashlight, toiletries – don’t forget contacts, extra eye glasses & pack of tissues that can double as TP, & on that note.. a “she pee” (google it 🙂 ), mini water filter (100,000 gal for under $25! –, trash bag,  multi-tool, & a 32 oz Nalgene bottle.

Because I have the room in my Jeep, I also carry a 3 1/2 gallon waterbrick w/water (, travel pillow, blanket, an empty 1 gal gas can, and a pet carrier, just in case Little Miss Chica is with me should I get stranded.  If I ever ended up in a “warming shelter” or hotel, I would want them to accept her & that means having a pet carrier.  On THAT note, also has some great pet carriers on sale:


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  1. Great to see you have a web site. I would like to start ordering long storage food on a monthly basis. I will try to study your site a little more when I feel better (head cold). I met you at Hoover Tactical way back, and also met your husband (he’s a FTO with Hoover I believe).

    Blessings, Joel

    Joel Pierce, I-Pad Cell 205-541-8422