You Might Be Ready But Is Your Body?

Two weeks ago I took a hard look at my health & fitness level and realized that 41 is catching up with me. In the event of a true hardship or disaster, I had to ask myself…would I survive it? Physically, would I have the strength & stamina needed to take care of myself & my family? The answer was no. I don’t have the strength & endurance needed for real hardship. So, two weeks ago, I decided to make a change. It’s been challenging to stay on task but so rewarding. I’m feeling stronger, healthier and more confident in my abilities. Getting older doesn’t mean that I have to be physically weak & tired. I can’t wait to see where I am in 2 mo, 6mo…a year from now. If you haven’t asked yourself this difficult question, ask it today. If you can’t honestly say “Yes, I’m in a physical condition that I know I can handle real hardship”, then I’m throwing down the challenge to you now! Even if all you can do is just walk more & eat less junk, then do it! Every effort is worth the result. I hope your response will be “Challenge Accepted”! Have a Blessed & uplifting day tomorrow!


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