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Cayden needs a wheelchair accessible van – will you help?

Cayden Atchison was born 4 years ago with severe brain damage.  The doctors said he wouldn’t survive.  He is now 4 years old but is unable to travel easily because his family has been unable to afford a wheelchair accessible van.  One of our sweet HCS Mom’s found a fantastic deal on a van on Craig’s list.  They are asking $13,500 – can we raise enough money to help little Cayden?  If you can donate, any amount you can give will be used towards a van for Cayden.  You can donate via the Paypal link below, send money via Paypal to or mail a check to Hope Church Ministry Fund, PO Box 1743, Pelham, AL 35124 and write “Cayden’s Van” on the envelope.  Thank you!!

PayPal Donation

Here is Cayden’s story:

Our hero is our 4 year old son, Cayden. He was oxygen deprived during birth and sustained severe brain damage as a result. It was a miracle he was revived. The doctors told us Cayden wouldn’t be able to breathe on his own, much less accomplish anything else. Within two days He was off the ventilator. He stunned the doctors when he was able to perform the suck-swallow-breath mechanism and ended up breastfeeding for 18 months. He is now eating pureed food and is working hard on drinking from a sippy cup.

Cayden has been diagnosed with Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy, Cerebral Palsy, Cortical Blindness, Seizures, and being Hypertonic and Hypotonic. We started extensive therapy when he was 3 months old. He has endured up to eight therapies a week. He never gives up no matter how hard the therapy is. He will work his hardest to try to accomplish a task, never quitting and always smiling. His therapies consist of water, myofacial, occupational, speech, vision and physical therapy. With the help of a gait trainer, he has been able to stand and even take a few steps! He did not pass his vision test and we were unsure whether he would ever be able to see, but after hyperbaric oxygen therapy, He can!

Every day we have the privilege of witnessing a miracle. Cayden’s MRI is mostly black which indicates he lost approximately 80% of his brain yet he is still progressing. His neurologists have stated if they did not know better, they would have never believed the MRI belonged to him.
Cayden’s smile will light up a room. His eyes say more than his mouth ever could. He is our hero because he fights everyday to accomplish things that we consider easy and natural. He smiles even though his muscles are being stretched beyond comfort. And even though he may not walk or talk like typical boys, he is every bit as special and has just as much love and joy to offer.

Cayden has taught us to never lose hope, no matter how bleak the future looks or how devastating the diagnosis may be; with God’s help anything is possible. He is our hero because he presses forward even when everything else pushes against him. He is a fighter, a survivor, a
miracle and more than anything, he is our little boy!